What is the sneaker culture and how did it come about?

What is the sneaker culture and how did it come about?

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Sneaker Culture – A Brief History

The sneaker culture is a culture about not just the shoes, but about wearing them for a certain look, being a part of a certain urban culture, and showing own unique style. It has grown from a small sub culture to a more mainstream trend in the past few decades.

Origins of Sneaker Culture

The origins of the sneaker culture started in the 70s when running became popular and the first “jogging shoes” were introduced. These became popular around the subcultures that were into hip-hop, skateboarding, and graffiti art – as they provided a comfortable, yet stylish look, as well as being easy to access.

Rap Music and Sneaker Culture

In the late 80s, rap music and its influence on the sneaker culture started to grow. Many artist released songs that included shout-outs to specific shoe brands, and people soon began to associate the popular songs with their favorite brands and trying to collect them all.

Advertising Sneaker Culture

As time went on, shoe companies started to recognize the potential of advertising and began targeting the niche cultures that were behind the sneaker culture. They started sponsoring famous athletes, top influencers, and rap stars to help spread the word about their brand and the lifestyle associated with it.

Sneaker Culture Today

Today, the sneaker culture has grown to become much more mainstream and accessible. Shoes are no longer just for running, but for style and fashion too. There is even a huge market for vintage and rare shoes, leading to kids and adults alike forming an obsession with collecting the rarest sneaker.


The sneaker culture is a culture that has grown from its small beginnings to become a much bigger trend in the last few decades. It encompasses not just the shoes, but the lifestyle associated with it – representing a certain urban culture and style, as well as having a huge market for vintage and rare sneakers.

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