How do you break in a new pair of sneakers?

How do you break in a new pair of sneakers?

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Breaking in a New Pair of Sneakers

It can be hard to find a comfortable pair of shoes, but breaking them in even after you find the right fit is just part of the process. Here’s a guide to breaking in your new pair of sneakers:

Removing the Laces

  • Unlace the shoes and leave them overnight to stretch out.
  • If possible, straighten the laces while they are off the shoes.
  • Leloosen the laces from the top downward, so the shoes can stretch more easily.

Strategically Wearing them In

  • Starting wearing the shoes for short periods of time to get them used to your feet.
  • Slowly increase the length of time that you wear them.
  • Make sure to wear them for at least 4 hours a day before increasing the duration.

Brush Away Troubles

  • Use a stiff bristled shoe brush to scrub away any areas that are causing discomfort.
  • Apply some rubbing alcohol to the uncomfortable spots to soften the material.
  • Stretch the shoes by hand while they are still damp.

Finishing Touch

  • Allow your shoes to air dry in a cool place.
  • Any wrinkles or creases left over can be solved with a hair dryer.
  • Finally, apply a suede brush to make them look extra nice.

Breaking in a new pair of sneakers can be a pain, but with a little patience and the right techniques, you’ll be able to enjoy your new kicks in no time.

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