What are some of the latest trends in sneaker design?

What are some of the latest trends in sneaker design?

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Latest Trends in Sneaker Design

In recent years, sneaker design has been revolutionized with new technology and trends emerging. With the expansion of luxury and lifestyle brands and collaborations, sneakerheads now have even more options when it comes to stylish and technologically advanced sneakers. Here are some of the most exciting trends in sneaker design right now:

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking has been one of the most significant trends in sneaker design, with a move away from traditional white or black kicks. Bright and contrasting colour combinations are now all the rage, with a focus on mixing colours that create an eye-catching aesthetic.

Technical Features

With advances in sneaker technology over the past few years, more and more sneakers are now being manufactured with hi-tech features like breathable and waterproof fabrics, shock absorbency and more comfortable soles. This allows for more comfortable and protective sneakers for running, sports and everyday wear.

Luxury Branding

Luxury branding has become increasingly popular in sneaker design, with the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace collaborating with sneaker brands to create exclusive and stylish kicks. This trend is all about luxury aesthetics, with the use of premium materials, embellishments and bold colour combos.

Designer Collaborations

Designer collaborations are one of the most exciting trends in sneaker design, as it gives designers an opportunity to create unique and interesting kicks through collaborations with popular sneaker brands. This has created a huge range of stylish and statement-making sneakers, with some of the most popular collaborations including Off-White x Nike, Supreme x Louis Vuitton and A-cold-wall* x Nike.

Vintage Inspiration

Vintage-inspired sneakers have become increasingly popular in recent years, with brands reissuing classic sneaker silhouettes with modern materials and technology. This trend focuses on bringing back classic sneaker styles and colourways, with some of the most popular vintage sneakers including Nike Air Max 1 and Nike Cortez.

Printed Sneakers

Printed sneakers are also a growing trend in sneaker design, with the use of bold graphics and prints to create statement-making kicks. This trend has been embraced by luxury and lifestyle brands, with many of them now incorporating intricate and colourful prints into their designs.

These are just some of the latest trends in sneaker design that are dominating the market right now. From colour blocking to designer collaborations and vintage-inspired sneakers, sneakerheads now have more choice than ever when it comes to stylish and technologically advanced kicks.

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